Still Life and Floral

All images © Cynthia Allman

"Tea Blossom"      watercolor    SOLD

"Goat Tea"        watercolor      SOLD

"Bittersweet Jewels"      watercolor   SOLD

"Peaches with Creamers"     watercolor     SOLD

"Edible Arrangement"    pastel

"Two for Tea"     pastel

"Elephant Walk"      watercolor     SOLD

"Tea and Quackers"     watercolor     nfs

"Birdland"     watercolor 

"Bunny Slope"  oil   9x12"

"Sun Tea"    watercolor

"Fall Collection"    pastel      demo

"Hot Mamas"     acrylic     SOLD

"Pretty in Pink"    oil    SOLD

"Emerging"     acrylic   SOLD

"Magic Carpet"   acrylic   SOLD

"Through the Looking Glass"    watercolor

"Moment in Time"     watercolor

"Babes in Toyland"       watercolor