"Catnap"        watercolor    
©Cynthia S. Allman

Power naps at the Farmers Exchange

Painting available from the Harris Stanton Gallery 


"Dexter"        acrylic         9x12"     sold
© Cynthia S. Allman

Valley Girl

"Valley Girl"          oil           9x12"
© Cynthia S. Allman


"Quietude"     plein air oil    9x12"      SOLD
© Cynthia S. Allman

2013 Holiday Home Tour

The Medina Community Design Committee's 
Second Annual Holiday Home Tour
Information: LINK
artwork © Cynthia Allman

Protected Area

Protected Area     SOLD
watercolor  © Cynthia Allman


Best in Show
Brunswick Art Works "ArtWorks '14" Exhibition

Ohio Watercolor Society / Jack Richeson & Co., Inc. Award
The Ohio Watercolor Society Annual Exhibition 2013

The English Garden

The English Garden   
watercolor   © Cynthia Allman       SOLD

Serenity is not freedom from the storm, 
but peace amid the storm.


oil    © Cynthia Allman

"Let your curiosity be greater than your fear."
                                    Pema Chodron

Rust Never Sleeps

Rust Never Sleeps      SOLD  
watercolor   © Cynthia Allman

A local landmark in the first light of early spring.

"We both know what memories can bring...
They bring diamonds and rust."
Joan Baez

Awarded "Best in Show"
Brunswick Art Works "ArtWorks '12" Exhibition