Autumn Annuals

When every October and November rolls around, I have a couple of projects on my schedule which involve illustrating local homes and businesses in pen & ink.   I've created dozens of these over the past decade and two community non profits use them either on an award or in a home tour booklet. 
In October, the Medina Community Design Committee presents Historic Preservation Awards to those who have restored their historic structures or to those who have demonstrated a commitment to historic preservation through their work in the community.  This year, I was honored with an Award of Merit!
The first Sunday in December is the YWCA's Holiday Home Tour and I'm currently working on the homes that are included in this years tour. 
All three of these homes are past Historic Preservation Award recipients.  The two bottom homes have also been included in previous YWCA Home Tours.

All images © Cynthia Allman


  1. Thanks for all you do for Medina!