Lavender Mist

Lavender Mist   
plein air oil     © Cynthia Allman      sold
This was painted on a very drizzly summer morning at the Pat Mears garden in Medina's Spring Grove Cemetery.  Fortunately I remembered to bring my umbrella (attached to the leg of my easel tripod),  especially since oil and water don't mix.   
above: photo taken during "Lavender Mist" painting session.

Marble Orchard   
plein air oil     © Cynthia Allman
My grandmother lived in central Pennsylvania across from Union Cemetery, an old -est. 1795- historic cemetery where, as a child, countless hours were spent wandering down paths, fascinated by the epitaphs of the dearly departed.  
"Marble Orchard" was painted during a peaceful albeit steamy August morning in Medina's Spring Grove Cemetery.  A dense canopy of a sprawling oak provided welcome shade.     

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